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Unfaithful journalism?

Some time ago we talked about the functionality and the faithfulness of translations. We said, while we must maintain some loyalty to our source text, many times whereas adapting the meta text achieve the effect sought in its readers. On this occasion, we will talk about how journalistic translation faces all the time this trade-off between fidelity and functionality. Translate journalistic presents certain challenges that few people know about. A journalistic text is to inform the reader about a topic of today; According to the place of the world in which we find ourselves, this issue is going to be more or less relevant, and we will need more or less detail about the topic. In general, when a translator receives an article, their mission is not only to translate it, but also to adapt it to the culture and the interests of the public that will read the translation. Imagine, for example, a report on double page of a German newspaper about a train accident in Germany which will be transl…

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